Monday, April 8, 2013

FC Barcelona's best team goals (2008-2013)

When it comes to great team goals, most of the people have Cambiasso's goal in World Cup 2006 first in their mind. It's been 7 years since this goal! While Barcelona have scored goals like these basically every month, they still remember the Cambiasso goal, because it was scored in the World Cup. I personally think that club football is way better than national team football and it's harder to do this stuff week in week out, but that's maybe another story.

Cesc Fabregas just scored his first hat trick in his career against Mallorca and his first goal came after 27 passes. I just collected some of the greatest team goals Barca have scored in past years. Some of them have 30-40 passes in the build up, some are more quick and lethal. Either way, these goals are piece of art, although usually when they show these goals on TV, they cut it to a certain part and left most of the build up out. Not me. Enjoy these goals, from start to finish, as it suppose to be!

Let's start with the Cesc Fabregas' goal vs Mallorca, 27 passes lead to this goal, Alexis at the end with a lovely one-two. Classic stuff.
FC Barcelona 5 Mallorca 0 (Cesc 1-0, assist Alexis)

Barcelona's first goal vs Mallorca (27 passes) by allasfcb

A beautiful team goal, 31 passes before the goal. Alves the producer, Messi with the finish.
Malaga 2 Barcelona 4 (Messi 2-4, Assist Alves)

Barcelona struggled to get through the Celtic's defense, they were behind until the magic triangle of Messi-Xavi-Iniesta produced a moment of magic at the end of the first half.
FC Barcelona 2 Celtic 1 (Iniesta 1-1, Assist Xavi)

Iniesta celtic by allasfcb

Iniesta and Messi produced a fantastic combination by playing a double one-two to get past defense.
FC Barcelona 2 Viktoria Plzen 0 (Iniesta 1-0, assist Messi)

iniesta plzen by allasfcb

Messi didn't play this game, but this didn't stop Barcelona to produce one of the most beautiful performances of 2009/10 season. The goal is just a good example of this.
FC Barcelona 2 Inter Milan 0 (Pedro 2-0, Assist Alves)

pedro inter gol by allasfcb

One of Barcelona's best games of 2011/12 season, first time they played their all 5 midfielders together - Cesc, Thiago, Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets.
FC Barcelona 4 Santos 0 (Cesc 3-0)

Cesc santos by allasfcb

Messi does the hardest thing in football, he made this goal look so easy. He passed his way trough of Panathinaikos' defense.
FC Barcelona 5 Panathinaikos 1 (Messi 3-1, assist Pedro)

messi panathinaikos by allasfcb

Malaga equalized near the end of this game after Xavi played Malaga striker onside. But the revenge was sweet. Couple of minutes later he produced one of the best defense-splitting passes I've ever seen!
FC Barcelona 2 Malaga 1 (Messi 2-1, Assist Alves, Pass Xavi)

messi malaga 09 10 by allasfcb

The last league game of 2009/10 season, Barcelona already had 96 points but that wasn't enough. They needed to beat Valladolid to claim the league title and they did it with style. 99 point was the record points in Spanish league history, until Real Madrid broke this last season.
FC Barcelona 4 Valladolid 0 (Pedro 2-0, assist Messi)

pedro valladolid by allasfcb

Another great goal from this game. With that goal, Messi tied with Ronaldo's club record of 34 goals in a single league season.
FC Barcelona 4 Valladolid 0 (Messi 4-0, assist Yaya Toure)

messi valladolid by allasfcb

The more I see this goal the more I start to think that this is the best goal I've ever seen. It just had everything.
FC Barcelona 4 AC Milan 0 (Messi 1-0, assist Xavi)

messi milan by allasfcb

This game was tactically on of the most amazing games I've seen. Barcelona re-inverted the pyramid
Barcelona 4 Getafe 0 (Alexis 3-0, assist Cuenca)

alexis getafe by allasfcb

An exhibition game between Barcelona and Osasuna. It was just too easy for Barcelona. Great understanding between Xavi and Messi, great movement.
FC Barcelona 8 Osasuna 0 (Xavi 6-0 assist Messi
xavi osasuna by allasfcb

Although Barcelona won this game, it felt like a loss. Great goal still, very patience build up and great work from Xavi
FC Barcelona 1 Inter Milan 0 (Pique 1-0, assist Xavi)

pique inter by allasfcb

One of the most ultimate team goals out here, 37 passes lead to Bojan's goal, every player touched the ball in the build up
Barcelona 2 Almeria 0 (Bojan 2-0, assist Alves)

bojan almeria 37 passes by allasfcb

Barcelona started the second half and scored the goal without letting Sociedad even touch the ball! Messi & Alves played 3 one-twos in the build up! Amazing goal.
Barcelona 5 Real Sociedad 0 (Messi 3-0, Assist Alves)

messi real sociedad by allasfcb

This goal is all about Victor Valdes. When Guardiola arrived to Barcelona, he started to teach Valdes so aspect about the game he never knew before. He was a totally different player than he was before. He was very confident and trusted Guardiola 100% who wanted him to play in a certain way. It was a risky way, but if you can see this big picture, you get the point. A lot of Barcelona attacks and goals started with Valdes and this is one of the best examples of how important Valdes is to the team
Barcelona 1 Real Madrid 1 (Pedro 1-0, assist Iniesta)
I also think that this picture describes it very well, one of my favorite picture as well.

pedro real by allasfcb

Even the dirty tactics of making the grass as long as possible doesn't keep Barcelona from moving the ball around. Maybe not so fast, but still managed to put around 30 passes together before the goal.
Zaragoza 2 FC Barcelona 4 (Pedro 2-4, assist Messi)

pedro zaragoza by allasfcb

Xavi's beautiful opener for the legendary 5-0 'Manita' vs Real Madrid 2010 November. His 360 turn on Benzema is classic Xavi stuff.
FC Barcelona 5 Real Madrid 0 (Xavi 1-0, Assist Iniesta)

xavi real by allasfcb

Another goal from the same game. Barcelona almost humiliated Real Madrid. Both the pressing and the passing were out of this world in this game. As many Barcelona players said it was the best game they ever played.
FC Barcelona 5 Real Madrid 0 (Pedro 2-0, assist Villa)

pedro real manita by allasfcb

Barcelona won the first leg at Camp Nou with a stunning (first half) performance and won by 4-0. It was truly a football masterpiece. But the best team goal game in the second leg.
Bayern 1 Barcelona 1 (Keita 1-1, assist Xavi)

keita bayern by allasfcb

Fantastic goal between Iniesta and Messi who played couple of passes in Valencia's box.
Valencia 2 Barcelona 2 (Messi 0-1, assist Iniesta)

messi valencia 08 by allasfcb

Although its just a pre season friendly, I couldn't find any goal with more passes in the build up. In this goal Barcelona managed to put 42 passes together before David Villa scored. Ironicly this was their only goal and they lost the game by 1-4.
Chivas 4 FC Barcelona 1 (David Villa 0-1, assist Pique)
(PS! this goal was not offside, the left back played him onside. bad defending)

David Villa goal vs Chivas (42 passes) by allasfcb

Arsenal didn't have a single shot in this game, but still Barcelona were in edge and almost were knocked out by Arsenal, Mascherano had to make an amazing tackle in the last minutes. This goal is well played by Iniesta. If you want to have fun, have a look on Messi during the whole clip ; )
FC Barcelona 3 Arsenal 1 (Xavi 2-1, assist Villa)

Last but not least. This is the most important one because this shows that the future is bright. Barcelona already had advanced to the knock out stage in 2011/12 season in the Champions League and in the last group game, Guardiola basically line up all the youngsters. Barcelona totally dominated the game, like their first team. All the goals were very well played out.
FC Barcelona 4 BATE 0


  1. Pedro's goal against Inter in the 2009/10 UCL group stage was when I witnessed one of the most outrageous/nonchalant/beautiful pass by Xavi to Dani Alves.

    1. It also shows the telephatic connection between Xavi & Iniesta. Iniesta saw Alves outside, but he was too far from a firt time crossing position and he played the ball to Xavi, just to wait Dani to get into crossing position. This is what I love about Barca so much. 99% of the teams would play the ball to Dani first time, because its so obvious and clear choice. But Barca does that on another level, they are always 2-3 steps ahead with their thinking.

    2. Ah, now that you pointed that out. Indeed Iniesta could have passed it to Alves first time. Beautiful.

  2. damn allas some really awesome goals that you put together there.
    we tend to forget what they are doing day in and out because of the fact that they display this great football literally all three days.

    you know that's good when it seems harder to replicate on playstation than for them doing it real life... :)

    greetings, toni

  3. Allas, however I would say, even if the first Milan goal had some good passing before it, that goal is 95% Messi. I really dont think any other player would shoot that ball, in so little time and space, with hardly any backlift. Even the Maradona goal in 94 WC, which is very similar, he had more space and good back lift.
    This was a stunning piece of genius.

  4. I begin to interested in football because of Barcelona and small portion because of you. I can say that you basically change my way of watching football.

    I first hear about Cambiasso's goal now and watched it. It leaves me impression of Argentina not totally in control of the attack. Not like Barcelona. Their control-passing not as smooth as Barcelona.

    Barcelona did these amazing stuff too often and it now seems too easy and mediocre and people stop talking about it because these goals become standard. What a wonderful team and I might stop watching football again if they stop playing like this.

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for this, allas. It's become almost cliché to say this, but these are works of art. I enjoyed the wide-ranging selection too: these clips aren't just important to the history of world football, but to the history of FCB, showing our conviction for our playing style, our willingness to always attack, to always do it according to our, regardless of the game or the opponent. This is why we love FCB, and these clips will be the "required readings" for future FCB fans down the line.

  6. One of my favourites was Dani Alves' goal vs Malaga in the 2008/09 season. Not really a team goal but Alves' run, Iniesta's chip over the defence and finally Alves' header was all poetic stuff

  7. Another wonderful love letter! Thanks Allas