Saturday, July 14, 2012

3. The Busquets Role

"He's the best defensive central midfielder in the world. Barcelona have a priceless player. If I was reincarnated as a player, I'd like to be like him."

21/10/2010 FC Barcelona 4 Sevilla 0

Part 3 is from the very beginning of 2010/11 season, the Spanish Super Cup against Sevilla. Guardiola came up with this new idea of how to bring the ball up from defence by dropping Busquets into between the 2 centre backs to create more width to the game. The full backs will stretch the came, 2 centre backs are very wide of eachother and that cap is filled with Busquets who plays the 'libero' role.

Busquets's role in this system is huge.
When starting the attack, it's his decision when to drop between the 2 centre backs.
When Busquets come between the 2 defenders, they will move higher up the pitch and more away from eachother.
This will create a V-formation from the back, start with Busquets as the libero, then the 2 centre back and stretching the game are 2 full backs.
You can see here how far the 2 defenders - Pique and Alves are. But it's not a problem, because their positions are filled.



  1. In my opinion, busquets is not best defensive midfielder. He is good because of Barça's game. There are many player better than busquets, i think. If you wonder, I am not barça fan, I am Beşiktaş fan.

  2. fernandes mesela?