Saturday, July 14, 2012

1. The Foundation

"Before every game, I lock myself in an office in the basement of Bar?a’s facilities. There is no natural light. I stay there for about two hours. I bring two or three DVDs featuring games our next rivals have played. I sit down, grab pen and paper, and start to analyze our rivals, taking notes."

08/04/2009 FC Barcelona 4 Bayern 0

1) Lets start with the first one. The classic 4-3-3 formation that they have used since Johan Cryuff arrived to Barca in the 70's. It's been the formation that he have used in all 4 seasons, with different players of course and maybe a little bit changing it, but the concept has reminded the same.

Here's one exaple from the FC Bayern game in the Champions League in 08/09 season, which Barcelona won 4-0. Messi played on the right wing back then, often combining with Dani Alves and cutting inside, with Eto'o up front and Henry on the left side.

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