Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 Team Performances to Remember in 2011/12

1) FC Barcelona 3 Real Madrid 2 (Spanish Supercup - Final 2nd leg Wed 08/17/2011 23:00)

The season started with a thriller, the Spanish Supercopa against Real Madrid. This game had everything - goals, skills, great players, tension, drama...what else you want from a game!
Although Barcelona came to this game with a very poor pre season, and some of them didn't even took part of it, just came to this game basicly right from the beach, still wearing flip-flops. What is worth a mantion is that both Barca's full backs, who are usually very attack.minded, especially Dani Alves, had a more defensive role in this game, to cover Di Maria/Cristiano Ronaldo.
In The end, it was once again Lionel Messi, who turned the game around.

2) FC Barcelona 5 Villarreal 0 (League - Round 2 Mon 08/29/2011 21:00)

When Pep Guardiola first announced the line-up, nobody knew actually what was happening. Alexis at right back? Keita in defence? Where's Xavi But when they had already played couple of minutes it all made perfect sense, something that was really new at that time, it was the first time he played with 3-4-3. IT couldn't have worked any better against a narrow Villarreal team. They dominated the midfield, the wingers stretched the game, which allowed also Messi and Cesc to work in the middle much more. It all made perfect sense.

3) Athletic Club 2 FC Barcelona 2 (League - Round 12 Sun 11/ 6/2011 20:00)

What a game! Everybody fell in love with this Athletic Club this season. They are all about football. Something that's pretty rare in these days. It was also really to see the duel between the mentor, El Loco Bielsa and the his student, Pep Guardiola. un canto al fútbol
4) FC Barcelona 4 BATE 0 (Champions League - Round 6 - H Tue 12/ 6/201120:45)


5) Real Madrid 1 FC Barcelona 3 (League - Round 16 Sat 12/10/201122:00)
For the fourth season on the run, Barça have made a clear statement at the Bernabeu. This time it was with 3-4-3 formation. It was actually changed from 4-3-3 to 3-4-3 after about 20 minutes, when Dani Alves went higher up the pitch, with puyol covering him and Busquets had the 'False-Defender' role to play in both midfield and defence. Some standout performances as well - Iniesta, Puyol and Messi

6) Santos 0 FC Barcelona 4 

Barcelona have the amazing ability to make an absolutely brilliant teams and players into an ordinary ones. Santos and Neymar/Ganso came to this game, unproven South American superstar, whom that game was a real big test. But they never got a kick in this game because it was only a one way traffic.

Some great points to take out of this game:
a) Complete domination 
b) 3-7-0 formation.
c) Cesc, Thiago, Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets all started, who in theory should fight for the 3 midfield spots. 
d) 16 recoveryies and 66/66 passes - The best Pivot in the world!
e) And the best full back.

7) Barcelona 5 Valencia 1 (League - Round 24 Sun 02/19/2012 21:30) 

That game, I must say, was the most spactacular and eyectaching game of the season. If you just want to sit back and enjoy the game at it's best, this is the perfect game.

8) FC Barcelona 7 Bayer Leverkusen 1 (Champions League - 1/8 2nd leg Wed 03/ 7/2012 20:45) 

Historic game for Lionel Messi who grabbed 5 goals in this game! Something that nobody have done before in Champions League history.
9) FC Barcelona 4 Getafe 0 (League - Round 33 Tue 04/10/2012 21:00) 

What and unbelivable formation to this game! Barcelona turned the 'Christmas Tree' upside down and showed the world that the attacking game in not dead yet. 

10) FC Barcelona 4 Espanyol 0 (League - Round 37 Sat 05/ 5/2012 21:00) 

The last home game for Pep Guardiola. Recived a great ovation from the fans, club and his team, who won the game for him. 


  1. i think that (even thought it wasnt a win) chelsea match was the one of the best barcelona preformances under guardiola... very unlucky for barcelona it could been a great vicrtory but God had other plans

  2. Agreed, sepcially the second game. There is a video on youtube, should be the first one if you search 'Barca Missed Chances Chelsea' ... It shows all the chances we created, but missed. If anyone thinks Barca needed a Plan B, that video rubbishes that idea ...

  3. I`ve seen the video, unbelievable chances from Barcelona but the final touch just kept slipping from the lads. I`m just hopping that Barca will meet Chelsea in UCL group stage to serve the justice few months after the unlucky SF.

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