Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tactics and analysis

Here I post all the tactical analysis I've made. 

I'm going to start with the basics. It's called rondo. Johan Cruyff brought this to Barceloan. This game represents everything that Barcelona have - technique, touch, vision, working, one touch, speed of touch, speed of mind. They do this every single day and thats the basics of their game.

Xavi: "It's all about rondos [piggy in the middle]. Rondo, rondo, rondo. Every. Single. Day. It's the best exercise there is. You learn responsibility and not to lose the ball. If you lose the ball, you go in the middle. Pum-pum-pum-pum, always one touch. If you go in the middle, it's humiliating, the rest applaud and laugh at you." 


This is a longer video of Barcelona's tactics in Guardiola's era.

Off the ball movements - this is something that many people don't see because they have only eyes on the man with the ball. But in order to play a pass you need to have off the ball movements, or to create space to teammate you have to move also without the ball. It's very important to work also without the ball.

This little 2-3 minute section of FC Barcelona - Real Madrid game shows you the movements and understands of how to play and dominate in the midfield and create chances.

The 6 second rule - This is one of the most amazing, vital and only know to Barcelona's game. What they do is after losing the ball, the whole team works together to win the ball back within 6 second. If its not possible, they regain their positions. This is mentally really exhausting for the opponent team because Barcelona keep the ball so well in their half always and you ran and ran and ran after it. And when you finally get the ball, you are so tired and you see the players coming at you like a swarm and take the ball away and then you have to chace the ball again. They kill you mentally and phycially with that

And the most important - KEEP THE BALL!

If you have the ball you can dictate the game, the tempo. The game is in your own hands.
Xavi: "The one who has the ball, is the master of the game"

This clip is from Barcelona - Sporting Gijon game. The last 4 minutes of the game. Barcelona played the whole  second half with 10 men and the last 4 minutes with even 9 men, but they still kept the ball and dominated the game. 


  1. Friend would upload again tatics under pep guardiola, youtube deleted your movie.

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  4. I'm professional coach and learn many thinks from your videos. Thank you for sharing whit us.

  5. I love Barca and I love your videos as they are so instructive. Since watching your videos my understanding of tactics has multiplied.

  6. Hi Allas, I appreciate your work very much. Thank you.

  7. Hey man, Love your videos and sadly they were removed from youtube, finally I found them again though. Are you making any video to show new stuff introduced with Vilanova? I'd love to watch it, that is, if you can find any signs of changes worth making a video for.

  8. luv ur tactic analysis,keep it up n upload a new tactic analysis with tito!

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