Friday, March 9, 2012

How to dribble & create space

 These are one of my favourite videos I've made.

I think i can put players (professional and non-professional) into two different categories: One are those who plays with their instinct. They are mostly bigger, stronger, faster, quicker players. They can beat you with sheer pace and speed. The other category is players who THINK when they are playing. Always have to think many steps ahead already, always have to think what you do next before you even recived the ball, always have to think which  way to recive the ball, if I go right there, if I go left there, if I drop the shoulder here and leave the defender to dead... It requires constant thinking on the pitch which is mentaly just as tiring as running is physically. Football is all about the small things. .


  1. very good videos! keep up the good work

  2. keep up the great work:) and why did you removed messi goals for different tastes?

  3. hello allas I have been watching all your videos since ages and I have to say that I love them.

    I just wanted to give out a suggestion for a new video, maybe you could do a video of cristian tello runs, this would help all fans of your video who play football to learn from him and I think it will get a lot of views


  4. the video you made truly illustrated that football is all about the small things. i would like to say that i've learned a lot from the video, but let me put it this way, the video has changed my understanding of football. i come to realized that there are still so many things that i failed to notice and think. thank you.
    by the way, so far you made two videos mainly about dribbling to get rid of the opponents. would you please make a video to tell how xavi, iniesta, etc, make the killer pass? thank you very much

  5. Excellent as always. Most people don't notice this small but decisive details and they credit them just to talent when there's a big tactical component.

    Another great example of how to drag a defender out of position is Pedro's goal against Real Madrid (RMA 0 - 2 BAR), I believe it's from Guardiola's 2nd season.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  6. Hi Allasfcb2, very good video. I was wondering whether you can make a video of how to create space for your teammate or for yourself without the ball? Thanks!